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Google on Ranking Power of Keyword Domains

A keyword domain is a domain name with keywords in it (example, BuyWidgets.com). A branded domain is a domain name without the keywords in it (example, Amazon.com). There was a time when Internet users typed the name of a product or service they wanted. This was called Direct Navigation. This earned ad revenues to those who owned those domains and “parked” them. Parking the domain was setting it up so that the domain names showed ads and only ads. The search engines helped the keyword domain industry by ranking those parked domain names in the search results. Then in 2011 Google removed parked domains from the search results. The parked domain industry suffered after Google updated its algorithm to remove parked domains. More on this in section 3 below.

Keyword Domains Don’t Have a Time Advantage

There is a belief that keyword domains are able to rank better faster than branded domains. But according to Google’s John Mueller, this is not the case. There is a perceived advantage with obtaining keywords in links through the anchor text. This is something that’s been discussed for years. An argument can be made for and against. Unfortunately, John Mueller’s statement didn’t address this perceived advantage.

Zomato Online Food Delivery Has A Twist, Higher The Rating

Zomato has now officially announced the opening of online food delivery on their mobile app; which means that customers can now save more time. Originally launched as a ‘Restaurant Finder’ app, Zomato has now expanded into a domain which very few mobile apps have dared to venture. As of now, the service would be available only in New Delhi—NCR region, but soon it would be rolled out across Mumbai, Bangalore and other cities.
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